Movie 1

Non myelinating Schwann cells proliferate slowly in adult peripheral nerve. Movie shows a rotating 3D projection of Z-stacks of confocal images of a transverse section ((20μm) of a sciatic nerve isolated from a PLP-eGFP mouse that had been treated with EdU continuously for 30 days prior to culling. The images were processed using Imaris software. The movie highlights a EdU+ (red), non-myelinating Schwann cell (eGFP+) associated with small calibre axons (neurofilament, white).

The regulation of the homeostasis and regeneration of peripheral nerve is distinct from the CNS and independent of a stem cell population

Salome Stierli, Ilaria Napoli, Ian J. White, Anne-Laure Cattin, Anthony Monteza Cabrejos, Noelia Garcia Calavia, Liza Malong, Sara Ribeiro, Julie Nihouarn, Richard Williams, Kaylene M. Young, William D. Richardson, and Alison C. Lloyd

Development 2018. 145:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.170316