Movie 4

Ectopic Rac1 activation disrupts pioneer axon selection, related to Figure 9. Excerpt from a 24-hr DeSOS timelapse movie of a Tg(sox10:lifecat-GFP); Tg(sox10:PA-Rac1) animal exposed to 445 nm light every five minutes. Z-stacks were collected every 5 min starting at 48 hpf. Photoactivation of Rac1 results in a hindered ability for the DRG neuron to select a pioneer axon.

Generating intravital super-resolution movies with conventional microscopy reveals actin dynamics that construct pioneer axons

Yide Zhang, Evan L. Nichols, Abigail M. Zellmer, Ian H. Guldner, Cody Kankel, Siyuan Zhang, Scott S. Howard, and Cody J. Smith

Development 2019. 146:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.171512