Movie 6

Immunocytochemical analysis of stage 3 organoids demonstrating the presence of an outer plexiform-like layer. 3D image of a confocal z stack of a thick section from a stage 3 retinal organoid showing expression of cone ARR3 (red) and the pre-synaptic marker VGLUT1 (green) relative to nuclei (blue).

Reproducibility and staging of 3D human retinal organoids across multiple pluripotent stem cell lines

Elizabeth E. Capowski, Kayvan Samimi, Steven J. Mayerl, M. Joseph Phillips, Isabel Pinilla, Sara E. Howden, Jishnu Saha, Alex D. Jansen, Kimberly L. Edwards, Lindsey D. Jager, Katherine Barlow, Rasa Valiauga, Zachary Erlichman, Anna Hagstrom, Divya Sinha, Valentin M. Sluch, Xitiz Chamling, Donald J. Zack, Melissa C. Skala, and David M. Gamm

Development 2019. 146:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.171686