Movie 1

Embryonic development imaged in the Morphogenesis strain. Side-by-side ventral (left) and dorsal (right) views of development in control embryos from the Morphogenesis strain which has markers that localize to apical cell junctions in the epidermis (green) and the cell surface in about 1/3 of neurons (red). Images were acquired every 20 minutes. Playback is 7200X real time.

A high-content imaging approach to profile C. elegans embryonic development

Shaohe Wang, Stacy D. Ochoa, Renat N. Khaliullin, Adina Gerson-Gurwitz, Jeffrey M. Hendel, Zhiling Zhao, Ronald Biggs, Andrew D. Chisholm, Arshad Desai, Karen Oegema, and Rebecca A. Green

Development 2019. 146:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.174029