Movie 1

Volume reconstruction of a 14μm section from MNP shows nuclear morphologies. A volumetric protection of a confocal Z-stack, whose mid-stack optical section was shown in Figure 8B. It shows MNP at the border between the surface epithelium and olfactory pit epithelium at E11.0, 4 sections anterior to the fusion site and about 12 sections from the tip of the nasal process. Grhl3 (red) marks periderm nuclei; p63 (blue) marks basal cell nuclei and also weakly marks some periderm nuclei; Cldn3 (green) marks epithelial junctions of periderm and olfactory pit cells. The nuclei designated Figure 8B1 and 8B2 as round, intermediate and flat are included. Rotations of volume projections demonstrate that these represent true nuclear morphologies and are not an artifact of viewing angle or plane of section.

The molecular anatomy of mammalian upper lip and primary palate fusion at single cell resolution

Hong Li, Kenneth L. Jones, Joan E. Hooper, and Trevor Williams

Development 2019. 146:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.174888