Movie 3

Convergence of dorsal pericardial cells leads proepicardial cells to extrude apically. In vivo time-lapse of epi:GFP embryo during 16.5 h starting at 52 hpf. The movie shows a maximum intensity projection of 22 μm. The left panel shows an overview of the ventral and dorsal pericardium (DP). Right panels show a zoomed frame of the time-lapse. An extruding PE cells can be observed. This movie is representative for the event observed in a total of 10 different movies. Scale bar of overview 20 μm and zoom 10 μm. HT, heart tube. Shown is a representative movie from ≥ 3 biological and ≥ 2 technical replicates.

Actin dynamics and the Bmp pathway drive apical extrusion of proepicardial cells

Laura Andrés-Delgado, Alexander Ernst, María Galardi-Castilla, David Bazaga, Marina Peralta, Juliane Münch, Juan M. González-Rosa, Inês Marques, Federico Tessadori, José Luis de la Pompa, Julien Vermot, and Nadia Mercader

Development 2019. 146:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.174961