Movie 1

Cytokinesis in the first two mitotic divisions
Cytokinesis in the first (top row) or second (bottom row) division in embryos expressing AIR-2::GFP (green, left, with H2B::mCherry and PH::mCherry in magenta) or NMY-2::GFP (green, right, with PH::mCherry in magenta). White arrowheads indicate first midbody that is internalized by AB and red arrowheads indicate the AB midbody, which is engulfed by EMS. Images are maximum Z projections of 15 central planes spaced 1μm apart taken every 90 seconds. Playback rate is 2 frames/second.

Aurora B functions at the apical surface after specialized cytokinesis during morphogenesis in C. elegans

Xiaofei Bai, Michael Melesse, Christopher G. Sorensen Turpin, Dillon E. Sloan, Chin-Yi Chen, Wen-Cheng Wang, Po-Yi Lee, James R. Simmons, Benjamin Nebenfuehr, Diana Mitchell, Lindsey R. Klebanow, Nicholas Mattson, Eric Betzig, Bi-Chang Chen, Dhanya Cheerambathur, and Joshua N. Bembenek

Development 2020. 147:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.181099