Movie 1

Movie showing different angles of the confocal images of the 3D-reconstructed outgrowths obtained 8 weeks after transplantation of a mixture of GFP positive C451A MaSCs with WT luminal cells, after labeling with anti-ERα (red) and anti-GFP (green) antibodies.

Membrane expression of the estrogen receptor ERα is required for intercellular communications in the mammary epithelium

Laurine Gagniac, Mariam Rusidzé, Frederic Boudou, Stephanie Cagnet, Marine Adlanmerini, Pauline Jeannot, Nicolas Gaide, Frank Giton, Arnaud Besson, Ariane Weyl, Pierre Gourdy, Isabelle Raymond-Letron, Jean-Francois Arnal, Cathrin Brisken, and Francoise Lenfant

Development 2020. 147:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.182303