Movie 10

Movie showing movement of PA-GFP through the RCs in a spermatids lacking a fusome. Photoactivation of PA-GFP in a subset of spermatids in bam-Gal4>Spectrin RNAi testes demonstrates intercellular exchange of PA-GFP is not mediated by the fusome post-meiotically. Images were acquired at 30 second intervals for 40 minutes following activation.

Drosophila sperm development and intercellular cytoplasm sharing through ring canals do not require an intact fusome

Ronit S. Kaufman, Kari L. Price, Katelynn M. Mannix, Kathleen M. Ayers, Andrew M. Hudson, and Lynn Cooley

Development 2020. 147:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.190140