Movie 1

Time-lapse imaging reveals a convergence migration of EON towards the centre of the future olfactory cup.
Movie showing an acquisition series of Tg(-8.4neurog1:gfp) labelled EON in a control embryo. The movie shows the entire acquisition from 12 to 27 hpf with frames every 7 min. The Movie has been annotated at 12, 18 and 27 hpf to indicate the preplacodal ectoderm (PPE), olfactory placode (OP), olfactory epithelium (OE), Anterior Neural Plate and Telencephalon.

Morphogenesis is transcriptionally coupled to neurogenesis during peripheral olfactory organ development

Raphaƫl Aguillon, Romain Madelaine, Marion Aguirrebengoa, Harendra Guturu, Sandra Link, Pascale Dufourcq, Virginie Lecaudey, Gill Bejerano, Patrick Blader, and Julie Batut

Development 2020. 147:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.192971