Movie 4

Tracking EON behaviour at single-cell resolution in cxcr4bt26035 mutant embryo.
The movie is divided into 3 parts representing: the acquisition showing neurog1:GFP cells, tracking of a pair of anterior EON cells and a still showing the anterior tracks; the early phase of migration that is affected in the mutant is highlighted (Blue).

Morphogenesis is transcriptionally coupled to neurogenesis during peripheral olfactory organ development

Raphaƫl Aguillon, Romain Madelaine, Marion Aguirrebengoa, Harendra Guturu, Sandra Link, Pascale Dufourcq, Virginie Lecaudey, Gill Bejerano, Patrick Blader, and Julie Batut

Development 2020. 147:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.192971