Movie 2

A time-lapse movie of the ablated area in 5 dpf larva. Imaging starts at 1 dpa. Durations after starting imaging are indicated in the top left corners. The cells with white triangles are GFP+ cells, while the one with yellow triangle is DsRed+. Bothe are in the ablated area. Images for distal intestine of 5 dpf ablated larva. Supplementary Movie 3 shows the area around the two marked cells from 10 hrs and 45 min of this movie. The image shown in S3 corresponds to the area enclosed by a rectangle at the end of movie 2. Left side views. Anterior, to the left.

The enteric nervous system in zebrafish larvae can regenerate via migration into the ablated area and proliferation of neural crest-derived cells

Maria Ohno, Masataka Nikaido, Natsumi Horiuchi, Koichi Kawakami, and Kohei Hatta

Development 2021. 148:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.195339