Movie 3

Junctional changes and polarized cellular protrusions occur in the same endodermal cells that are undergoing cell intercalations during 7-12s. Donor cells from Tg(sox17:H2A-Cherry) embryos injected with memGFP and sox32 RNAs were transplanted into Tg(sox17: memCherry/H2A-Cherry) host embryos. Timelapse experiments were performed on the host embryos at 6s, in which the endoderm containing memGFP-expressing donor endoderm cells were imaged at 30s interval and movies play at 4 frames/sec. Yellow arrows: cells protrusions invading ML junctions that are shortening.

Glypican 4 regulates planar cell polarity of endoderm cells by controlling the localization of Cadherin 2

Anurag Kakkerla Balaraju, Bo Hu, Juan J. Rodriguez, Matthew Murry, and Fang Lin

Development 2021. 148:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.199421