Movie 1.

Time-lapse imaging of neutrophil recruitment to a scale removal wound in an intubated adult zebrafish. 0–4″ Schematic diagram an adult casper Tg(lyz:DsRed2)NZ50;Tg(mrc1a:eGFP)y251 double transgenic zebrafish with fluorescent neutrophils (magenta) and lymphatic vessels (green). The approximate site of scale removal by abrasion with a scalpel is noted with a yellow box. 5–10″ Adult fish being imaged in the intubation chamber on an inverted confocal microscope, using blue, green and purple (near-UV) excitation light. 11–31″ Time-lapse imaging of the wound site of an adult fish collected with a 2X objective from 0–19 hours post wounding and intubation 31–38″ Close-up of the wound site collected with a 10X objective at 19–20 hours post wounding and intubation. 38–44″ High magnification closeup of neutrophils (magenta) actively migrating in and around lymphatic vessels (green) in the recovering wound site of a live adult zebrafish collected with 20X objective from 23–24 hours post wounding and intubation.

Long-term imaging of living adult zebrafish

Daniel Castranova, Bakary Samasa, Marina Venero Galanternik, Aniket V. Gore, Allison E. Goldstein, Jong S. Park, and Brant M. Weinstein

Development 2022. 149:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.199667