Movie 4.

Dynamic activity patterns of LuVeLu before and during early somitogenesis. Related to Fig. 2A. An embryo expressing dynamic Notch signaling reporter LuVeLu (cyan) and nucleus marker R26-H2BmCherry (red) was light-sheet imaged from E6.5 to E8.5. The movie shows the embryo as MIP from three perspectives: posterior (top left), left side (top right), distal (bottom left). Posterior and side view were recorded as separate image stacks from different angles, the distal view is generated from the same dataset as the posterior view, projected along the proximodistal embryo axis. Note the sudden increase of LuVeLu signal at 12:30 h which is caused by the switch from 6% to 20% O2 in the embryo culture environment (see Materials and methods). Time is indicated in hr:min.

Imaging the onset of oscillatory signaling dynamics during mouse embryo gastrulation

Henning J. Falk, Takehito Tomita, Gregor Mönke, Katie McDole, and Alexander Aulehla

Development 2022. 149:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.200083