Movie 4.

Time-lapse of 26 hours PF trunk vasculature of MO-wasb Tg[(fli1ep:Lifeact-EGFP); Tg(fli1:NLS-mCherry)] embryo. Time frame 10 min. White arrowhead (min 0) - anastomosis. Black arrow head (min 180) - secondary sprouting. Yellow circle (min 430, 490) - mitosis (strong cortical F-actin accumulation). Blue arrowhead (min 530) - emigration to the DLAV. Red outline arrowhead (min 1110) - emigration to DLAV.

WASp controls oriented migration of endothelial cells to achieve functional vascular patterning

André Rosa, Wolfgang Giese, Katja Meier, Silvanus Alt, Alexandra Klaus-Bergmann, Lowell T. Edgar, Eireen Bartels-Klein, Russell T. Collins, Anna Szymborska, Baptiste Coxam, Miguel O. Bernabeu, and Holger Gerhardt

Development 2022. 149:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.200195