Movie 5, related to Figure S9.

Knockdown of shotgun in germ cells resulted in abnormal but robust centripetal migration. A series of four time-lapse Movies consisting of the data from Fig. 5 S6A-D showing phenotypes associated with clonal germ cell knockdown of shg (parts 1 through 3) versus luciferase controls (part 4). Cross-sectional views are shown. Anterior is oriented to the left, and dorsal is up. Clones are created with the Flipout-Gal4 system and co-express UAS-regulated RNAi transgenes and GFP (magenta, yolk autofluorescence within the oocyte was also occasionally visible with this detection wavelength). Yellow arrows indicate centripetally migrating follicle cells. Part 3 shows an egg chamber with an oocyte that was mispositioned, resulting in an egg chamber with two anterior halves and duplicated centripetal migration events. Phenotypes observed are described in Fig. S9. Full genotypes for this Movie are available in Supplemental Table 2. Scale bars 25μm.

Two phases for centripetal migration of Drosophila melanogaster follicle cells: initial ingression followed by epithelial migration

Travis T. Parsons, Sheila Mosallaei, and Laurel A. Raftery

Development 2023. 150:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.200492