Movie 3.

Protrusions in a polarized and an unpolarized cell located within ectodermal environment. 3D projection of Z-stack the includes the whole cell (28 μm stack, with 2μm step size). Cells were labeled with lifeact-mCherry. Top view, a migrating, polarized cell (left), and an apolar cell generating blebs in different directions (right). Side view, with actin enrichments segmented using the “Surfaces” function of Imaris. Actin-rich pseudopods and blebs that are clearly visible in both views are marked with plus (+) and asterisk (*) symbols, respectively. The segmented actin enrichment is always present at the front of pseudopods, in contrast to blebs, in which actin is absent during the initiation and inflation phases. Both types of protrusions are three-dimensional.

Primordial germ cells adjust their protrusion type while migrating in different tissue contexts in vivo

Lukasz Truszkowski, Dilek Batur, Hongyan Long, Katsiaryna Tarbashevich, Bart E. Vos, Britta Trappmann, and Erez Raz

Development 2023. 150:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.200603