Movie 2.

Lung and Intestine Regions in LPOs Whole mount immunofluorescence confocal z-series staining of a 10-week LPO for lung epithelial marker NKX2-1 (green) and intestinal epithelial marker CDX2 (pink).

Stable iPSC-derived NKX2-1+ lung bud tip progenitor organoids give rise to airway and alveolar cell types

Renee F. C. Hein, Ansley S. Conchola, Alexis S. Fine, Zhiwei Xiao, Tristan Frum, Lindy K. Brastrom, Mayowa A. Akinwale, Charlie J. Childs, Yu-Hwai Tsai, Emily M. Holloway, Sha Huang, John Mahoney, Idse Heemskerk, and Jason R. Spence

Development 2022. 149:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.200693