Movie 2.

Wholemount Immunostaining of Inner Ear Organoids Derived From DSP-GFP iPSCs. A representative day 80 organoid specimen was wholemount immunostained with antibodies for MYO7A and TUBB3 using a modified SHIELD protocol. The imaged region contains otic organoids with sensory epithelia and dense innervation.

Mapping oto-pharyngeal development in a human inner ear organoid model

Matthew R. Steinhart, Wouter H. van der Valk, Daniel Osorio, Sara A. Serdy, Jingyuan Zhang, Carl Nist-Lund, Jin Kim, Cynthia Moncada-Reid, Liang Sun, Jiyoon Lee, and Karl R. Koehler

Development 2023. 150:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.201871