Movie 4.

Nuclear Movement Visualized with GFAP:H2A-mCherry. A 24 hour timelapse (2 frames per hour) of an uninjured spinal cord starting at 72 hpf and ending at 96 hpf in a single z plane through the center of the spinal cord. Interkinetic nuclear migration can be observed in multiple GFAP:H2A-mCherry+ nuclei moving from the dorsal limits of the spinal cord to just dorsal to the central canal (example marked with asterisk). The grey channel represents GFAP:cJun-NES-Venus and the red channel represents GFAP:H2A-mCherry. The video frame is oriented with the dorsal side at the top of the frame and the anterior side at the left of the frame.

In toto imaging of glial JNK signaling during larval zebrafish spinal cord regeneration

Clayton J. Becker, Valentina Cigliola, Pierre Gillotay, Ashley Rich, Alessandro De Simone, Yanchao Han, Stefano Di Talia, and Kenneth D. Poss

Development 2023. 150:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.202076