Movie 12.

3D movie of transversal view of the forebrain-telencephalon in Her6:Venus (HV) and Her6:Venus-PEST (HVP) embryos at 48hpf, stained for gad1 using HCR. Scale bar 50μm. Video corresponds to still included in Fig. 7M-48hpf.

Cell coupling compensates for changes in single-cell Her6 dynamics and provides phenotypic robustness

Parnian Doostdar, Joshua Hawley, Kunal Chopra, Elli Marinopoulou, Robert Lea, Kiana Arashvand, Veronica Biga, Nancy Papalopulu, and Ximena Soto

Development 2024. 151:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dev.202640