Movie 5

Longitudinal axis view of a the heart from a Tg(cmlc2:CreER;bactin2:loxP-mCherry-STOP-loxP-DTA176)pd36 zebrafish seven days after treatment with 4-HT to induce DTA myocarditis. There is severely depressed ventricular contractile function. Zebrafish were able to survive despite severe cardiomyopathy, instead relying on atrial contraction to drive cardiac output.

Standardized echocardiographic assessment of cardiac function in normal adult zebrafish and heart disease models

Louis W. Wang, Inken G. Huttner, Celine F. Santiago, Scott H. Kesteven, Ze-Yan Yu, Michael P. Feneley, and Diane Fatkin

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2017. 10:63-76; doi: 10.1242/dmm.026989