Movie 1

TEAZ can be used to introduce transgenes in the adult heart. Casper fish were injected into the heart through the gills with 1 μl of 1000ng/μl of a plasmid carrying the myl7:GFP transgene (along with a ubb:Cre cassette that is unrelated for the purposes of this study) (n=2/4). Video of the beating fluorescent heart was taken in the GFP channel.

Cancer modeling by Transgene Electroporation in Adult Zebrafish (TEAZ)

Scott J. Callahan, Stephanie Tepan, Yan M. Zhang, Helen Lindsay, Alexa Burger, Nathaniel R. Campbell, Isabella S. Kim, Travis J. Hollmann, Lorenz Studer, Christian Mosimann, and Richard M. White

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2018. 11:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.034561