Movie S1

Mouse bone marrow cells follow the migratory route of endogenous primitive macrophages (439 KB). Mouse bone marrow cells from a UBI-GFP transgenic mouse (ubiquitous GFP expression) were isolated, lineage depleted, labeled with CellTrace Violet and transplanted into a ubi:mcherry transgenic fish (ubiquitous mCherry expression). The video was made by compiling images taken every 16 minutes for 13 hours, starting at ~20 hpf. Mouse cells (labeled in green and blue) can be seen migrating over the yolk towards the posterior trunk, a route also followed by endogenous primitive macrophages. The timing of the video is shown in the lower right corner.

Generation of mouse-zebrafish hematopoietic tissue chimeric embryos for hematopoiesis and host-pathogen interaction studies

Margarita Parada-Kusz, Cristina Penaranda, Elliott J. Hagedorn, Anne Clatworthy, Anil V. Nair, Jonathan E. Henninger, Christoph Ernst, Brian Li, Raquel Riquelme, Humberto Jijon, Eduardo J. Villablanca, Leonard I. Zon, Deborah Hung, and Miguel L. Allende

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2018. 11:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.034876