Movie S3

Circulating mouse cells show differential adherence to fish vascular endothelium (3.6 MB and 2.9 MB). Mouse bone marrow cells isolated from a ubi-GFP transgenic mouse were lineage depleted and transplanted into a ubi:mcherry transgenic fish. In vivo visualization of circulating mouse cells in the fish trunk, within the dorsal aorta and axial vein, show active mouse cell vascular endothelial interactions (Movie 3, top), while cells circulating through the fish CHT show different velocities within the caudal aorta and vein (Movie 4, bottom). For each video, images were acquired every 0.15 seconds for ~20 seconds. The timing of each video is shown in the lower right corner.

Generation of mouse-zebrafish hematopoietic tissue chimeric embryos for hematopoiesis and host-pathogen interaction studies

Margarita Parada-Kusz, Cristina Penaranda, Elliott J. Hagedorn, Anne Clatworthy, Anil V. Nair, Jonathan E. Henninger, Christoph Ernst, Brian Li, Raquel Riquelme, Humberto Jijon, Eduardo J. Villablanca, Leonard I. Zon, Deborah Hung, and Miguel L. Allende

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2018. 11:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.034876