Movie 1

Z-stack of graft vessels in a B16-F1 xenograft in an embryo injected with PBS liposomes.
A movie showing the sections of a confocal z-stack taken through a B16-F1 xenograft (blue) in a kdrl:EGFP embryo that had been injected with PBS liposomes. Scale bar = 50 um.

Macrophages enhance Vegfa-driven angiogenesis in an embryonic zebrafish tumour xenograft model

Denver D. Britto, Barbara Wyroba, Wenxuan Chen, Rhoswen A. Lockwood, Khanh B. Tran, Peter R. Shepherd, Christopher J. Hall, Kathryn E. Crosier, Philip S. Crosier, and Jonathan W. Astin

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2018. 11:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.035998