Movie 3

Example of a micro-CT scan and 3D reconstruction of visceral organs at E18.5. The first sequence shows coronal sections of a scan, acquired by micro-CT, of an E18.5 fetus. The second sequence shows the 3D projection of the scan, later with visceral organs highlighted in colours. In the final sequence, 3D reconstructions show the situs of thoracic (lungs and heart) and abdominal (liver, stomach, spleen and colon) organs, as well as the anatomy of bronchi, and the connections of the great vessels to the heart. See Figure 3E and 4A for the colour code and annotations. x/y/z resolution, 20 μm.

Standardised imaging pipeline for phenotyping mouse laterality defects and associated heart malformations, at multiple scales and multiple stages

Audrey Desgrange, Johanna Lokmer, Carmen Marchiol, Lucile Houyel, and Sigolène M. Meilhac

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2019. 12:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.038356