Movie 1

Whole-mount brains from Ccdc151-lacZ heterozygous animal were stained using X-gal/FeCN method and embedded in paraffin. Acquisition was performed with the image pixel size of 7,9 microns and beaning of 2K (image matrix 2000 x 1150 pixels). MicroCT derived RGB volume rendered model was build using the settings for CTvox analyzer (Bruker software) transfer function presented in the Fig. 3C.

Functional loss of Ccdc151 leads to hydrocephalus in a mouse model of primary ciliary dyskinesia

Francesco Chiani, Tiziana Orsini, Alessia Gambadoro, Miriam Pasquini, Sabrina Putti, Maurizio Cirilli, Olga Ermakova, and Glauco P. Tocchini-Valentini

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2019. 12:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.038489