Movie 8

3D visualization of Toxoplasma gondii replication in the zebrafish hindbrain by confocal microscopy for pixel volume analysis. Showing representative 3D reconstruction of confocal images of GFP-positive replicating tachyzoites in fixed zebrafish larvae infected with type I Toxoplasma-GFP (green). Volumes were categorized into 1 tachyzoite/vacuole (<50 pix3, top), 2 tachyzoites/vacuole (50<100 pix3, middle) or >4 tachyzoites/vacuole (>100 pix3, bottom). Outline of GFP-positive punctae volumes measured is in yellow (left). Scale bar, 10 μm.

The zebrafish as a novel model for the in vivo study of Toxoplasma gondii replication and interaction with macrophages

Nagisa Yoshida, Marie-Charlotte Domart, Christopher J. Peddie, Artur Yakimovich, Maria J. Mazon-Moya, Thomas A. Hawkins, Lucy Collinson, Jason Mercer, Eva-Maria Frickel, and Serge Mostowy

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2020. 13:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.043091