Movie 3.

Representative recordings of cellular migration in C3 line. Migration tracks of individual cells were recorded by marking the position of the nucleus in individual frames. Colored lines indicate positions of individual cells during the duration of migration assay. The migration pattern in C3 is largely linear, showing individual cells from either side of 500 ┬Ám gap. Images for migration of C3 was captured with 10x objective.

Abnormalities in the migration of neural precursor cells in familial bipolar disorder

Salil K. Sukumaran, Pradip Paul, Vishwesha Guttal, Bharath Holla, Alekhya Vemula, Harsimar Bhatt, Piyush Bisht, Kezia Mathew, Ravi K. Nadella, Anu Mary Varghese, Vijayalakshmi Kalyan, Meera Purushottam, Sanjeev Jain, ADBS Consortium, Reeteka Sud, and Biju Viswanath

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2022. 15:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.049526