Movie 2.

Live imaging of mKif6 (1-493)-mNG at a developing ependymal cilium, shown in Fig. 1G. mKif6 (1-493)-mNG was transfected in D5 ependymal cell, and mKif6 (1-493)-mNG at short developing cilia was imaged at D7. Time-lapse imaging was acquired at 1 frame every 5s for 60 frames. The display rate of the movie is 3 fps.

Motor protein Kif6 regulates cilia motility and polarity in brain ependymal cells

Maki Takagishi, Yang Yue, Ryan S. Gray, Kristen J. Verhey, and John B. Wallingford

Disease Models and Mechanisms 2024. 17:None-None; doi: 10.1242/dmm.050137