Movie S2

VEGF induces membrane ruffling followed by internalisation of VEGFR2 into large vesicles. (Related to Figure 2)
HUVE cells transiently expressing GFP-actin and VEGFR2-mCherry were monitored by live cell time-lapse confocal microscopy in the presence of VEGF. Arrows indicate sites at the plasma membrane that undergo extensive ruffling (seen by the dynamics of GFP-actin) and give rise to enlarged VEGFR2-positive vesicles (seen by VEGFR2-mCherry). A magnified region of the plasma membrane is shown in the inset video at the top left corner of the movie. Plasma membrane ruffling starts 10 min following VEGF stimulation.

VEGF induces signalling and angiogenesis by directing VEGFR2 internalisation through macropinocytosis

Dimitris Basagiannis, Sofia Zografou, Carol Murphy, Theodore Fotsis, Lucia Morbidelli, Marina Ziche, Christopher Bleck, Jason Mercer, and Savvas Christoforidis

J Cell Sci 2016. 129:4091-4104; doi: 10.1242/jcs.188219