Video 1

NMY-2::GFP::ZF1 localizes to the midbody ring and remnant. Time-lapse movie of WEH51 embryo expressing mCh::PHPLCδ1 on membranes (cyan), and NMY-2::GFP::ZF1 (yellow) starting at the late 1-cell stage. NMY-2::GFP::ZF1 localizes to the midbody ring at the first division and persists on the midbody remnant after abscission. The P0 midbody internalizes at the 3-cell stage and ZF1 degradation begins in the anterior two AB cells during the mid-4-cell stage. NMY-2::GFP::ZF1 persists on the P0 midbody until the 14-cell stage. Time-lapse data were collected every 20 seconds for 60 minutes (5 fps). 10 Zs are projected for the first 15 minutes (midbody formation) and 7 Zs are projected for the last 45 minutes (midbody trafficking). Z interval is 1.2 μm.

C. elegans midbodies are released, phagocytosed and undergo LC3-dependent degradation independent of macroautophagy

Gholamreza Fazeli, Michaela Trinkwalder, Linda Irmisch, and Ann Marie Wehman

J Cell Sci 2016. 129:3721-3731; doi: 10.1242/jcs.190223