Movie S3

Example of cell division time. Magnification of Movie S2 (BRCA1), showing the rotation of the mother and daughter cells at the end of the division process. This rotating event, indicated by arrows, is used as starting and ending points of cell division time. In this example, the cell division time is 324 - 72 = 252 minutes.

Yeast cells reveal the misfolding and the cellular mislocalization of the human BRCA1 protein

Pierre Thouvenot, Lou Fourrière, Elodie Dardillac, Barbara Ben Yamin, Aurianne Lescure, Vincent Lejour, Xavier Heiligenstein, Jean-Baptiste Boulé, Maryse Romao, Graça Raposo-Benedetti, Bernard S. Lopez, Alain Nicolas, and Gaël A. Millot

J Cell Sci 2016. 129:4366-4378; doi: 10.1242/jcs.192880