Movie S4

Movie showing the MT plus end tracking of Dis1-eGFP (20 nM, green) in the presence of 1 μM Mal3 and Cy5-tubulin (20 μM, red). Corresponding Kymograph is shown in Fig 2C. The time stamp (upper left corner) is in seconds. Scale bar, 5μm.

An unconventional interaction between Dis1/TOG and Mal3/EB1 in fission yeast promotes the fidelity of chromosome segregation

Yuzy Matsuo, Sebastian P. Maurer, Masashi Yukawa, Silva Zakian, Martin R. Singleton, Thomas Surrey, and Takashi Toda

J Cell Sci 2016. 129:4592-4606; doi: 10.1242/jcs.197533