Movie 11

mud cells display three different defects in centrosome-spindle coupling.
Four dividing mud epithelial cells expressing Tub:GFP (green) and Spd-2:RFP (red) showing normal centrosome-spindle coupling (left panel, white arrows), delayed centrosome-spindle coupling (second panel, white arrows), failed centrosome-spindle coupling (third panel, white arrows) and centrosome displacement from the spindle (right panel, white arrows). Importantly, in the cases of delayed and failed centrosome-spindle coupling, the 2 centrosomes did not fully separate and are not localized at opposing poles of the nucleus upon NEB (0 sec). NEB is visualized by the first acentrosomal chromatin generated MTs. In some frames the centrosome temporarily moves out of the focal plane. Yellow arrows: centrosomes associated with the spindle pole.

Sequential activities of Dynein, Mud and Asp in centrosome–spindle coupling maintain centrosome number upon mitosis

Floris Bosveld, Anna Ainslie, and Yohanns Bellaïche

J Cell Sci 2017. 130:3557-3567; doi: 10.1242/jcs.201350