Movie 3

Clathrin coats are imaged at the ventral surface of a BSC-1 cell at different levels of squeezing and relaxation. Note that the dynamics is retrieved when the squeezing is withdrawn. (A) The traces of individual clathrin-coated structures are colored according to the lifetime. (B) Each clathrin coat is colored according to its instantaneous growth rate. (C) For each frame of the movie, SD maps are created by giving each pixel the value of the SD of the clathrin coat growth rates detected in a radius of 4.8 μm. (D) Clathrin coat growth rate distributions are assembled for each frame of the movie. (E) Growth rate distributions in (D) are shown as bar plots representing different growth rates.

Mechanoregulation of clathrin-mediated endocytosis

Joshua P. Ferguson, Scott D. Huber, Nathan M. Willy, Esra Aygün, Sevde Goker, Tugba Atabey, and Comert Kural

J Cell Sci 2017. 130:3631-3636; doi: 10.1242/jcs.205930