Movie 3

A representative time-lapse video of ProsĪ²5-RFP particles trafficking in axonal tracts of a ctp mutant third-instar larvae. The video was acquired using a 100X objective at the temporal resolution of 1.8 Hz (500 ms exposure and an average time lapse of 570 ms). The video is shown at 10X the acquired speed. (Genotype: C380-Gal4,ctp/y;UAS-pros#x03B2;5-RFP/+; UAS-pros#x03B2;5-RFP/+)

The Drosophila LC8 homolog cut up specifies the axonal transport of proteasomes

Tabita Kreko-Pierce, and Benjamin A. Eaton

J Cell Sci 2017. 130:3388-3398; doi: 10.1242/jcs.207027