Supplementary Video 1

Dissociation of cdc10(G100E)-GFP from the bud-neck into cytoplasm during starvation. cdc10(G100E)-GFP cells expressing mCh-Atg8 were grown in SD-Ura medium at 22°C and the logarithmically growing cells were then transferred into starvation media and incubated at 22°C and 37°C. Immediately after the transfer into starvation media, 1 OD cells were collected as 0 h time point and were mounted on agarose pads (made in SD-N medium). Time-lapse was carried out for 30 min with an interval of 2 min at 22°C. Only GFP channel is shown. Scale bar 5 μm.

Septins are involved at the early stages of macroautophagy in S. cerevisiae

Gaurav Barve, Shreyas Sridhar, Amol Aher, Mayurbhai H. Sahani, Sarika Chinchwadkar, Sunaina Singh, Lakshmeesha K. N., Michael A. McMurray, and Ravi Manjithaya

J Cell Sci 2018. 131:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.209098