Movie S1

Wild-type (wt) and trap(-):ctrp(-):Spooki 1.0trap ookinetes gliding in vitro. Movie in differential interference contrast (DIC) of wild-type (wt) (shown on the right) and trap(-):ctrp(-):Spooki 1.0trap (shown on the left) ookinetes gliding in vitro. Imaging was performed on an Axiovert 200M (Zeiss) with a 63x (NA 1.4) objective. Time between frames: 20 seconds.

A synthetic promoter for multi-stage expression to probe complementary functions of Plasmodium adhesins

Dennis Klug, Jessica Kehrer, Friedrich Frischknecht, and Mirko Singer

J Cell Sci 2018. 131:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.210971