Movie 13

Time-lapse image acquisition, A. deserticola dividing in a microfluidic device. Laser scanning confocal microscopy was used to acquire chloroplast fluorescence. Chloroplast morphology was used as a proxy for cell shape and location. Three cells labeled 1-3 in the first frame of the movie underwent cell mass rotations within mother cell walls (described in Fig. 3). Four independent, unicellular daughters emerge from the central cell (cell 1) at later time points (755-805 min, described in Fig. S1).

A model suite of green algae within the Scenedesmaceae for investigating contrasting desiccation tolerance and morphology

Zoe G. Cardon, Elena L. Peredo, Alice C. Dohnalkova, Hannah L. Gershone, and Magdalena Bezanilla

J Cell Sci 2018. 131:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.212233