Supplemental Movie 7

Dynamics of endometrial acinar morphogenesis and invasive migration in Ishikawa cells expressing FGFR wild-type or activating mutations. Differential Interference Contrast time-lapse images of Ishikawa acini formed from cells stably expressing eGFP alone (empty vector, upper left panels), eGFP-tagged FGFR wild type (left bottom panels), or activating mutants; N550K (upper right panels), Y376C (lower right panels). Acini were grown in growth factor reduced Matrigelâ„¢ overlay assay for 3 days prior to stimulation with either heparin alone or heparin plus FGF10 in 2% serum. Images were acquired every hour for 77 hours. The video plays back at 12 frames s-1 and is thus accelerated 43200 times.

FGFR2-activating mutations disrupt cell polarity to potentiate migration and invasion in endometrial cancer cell models

Samantha J. Stehbens, Robert J. Ju, Mark N. Adams, Samuel R. Perry, Nikolas K. Haass, David M. Bryant, and Pamela M. Pollock

J Cell Sci 2018. 131:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.213678