Movie 1

Microtubule depolymerization in scd1Δ cells leads to PORTLI growth.
mCherry-Bgs4 distribution and cell morphology of scd1Δ cdc2-asM17 mCherry-bgs4 cells. Bgs4 on the plasma membrane indicates sites of growth. Cells were pretreated with 3-BrBPP1 60 min prior to start of imaging, to inhibit Cdc2 kinase activity, and then treated with either DMSO or MBC at start of imaging (still in presence of 3-BrB-PP1). For DMSO treatment, cell at lower right corresponds to cell shown in Fig. 2A. For MBC treatment, cell at mid-lower center corresponds to cell shown in Fig. 2A. Time interval during acquisition, 10 min; total elapsed time, 420 min; time compression at 15 frames per second playback, 9000X.