Movie 5

Gef1-3YFP is transiently recruited to the cell tips upon TBZ treatment. TBZ was added just after the first time-point, which is paused in the movie. Prior to TBZ addition, Gef1-3YFP in dividing cells is present at the division site and in the cytoplasm, and Gef1-3YFP in interphase cells is uniformly distributed in the cytoplasm, without any visible enrichment at the cell tips. Upon TBZ addition, interphase Gef1-3YFP signal is transiently observed at cell tips and later appears to move along the cell cortex towards the cell middle. Three of the cells in the movie correspond to those shown in Fig. S4C. Time interval during acquisition, 9 min; total elapsed time, 81 min; time compression at 15 frames per second playback, 8100X.