Movie 6

Rapamycin addition to gef1-Frb-GFP tea1-2FKBP12 cells leads to recruitment of Gef1-Frb-GFP to cell tips and increased cell polarization. Gef1-Frb-GFP localization and cell morphology in tea1-2FKBP12 cells and in control cells expressing untagged Tea1 (tea1+), all in scd1Δ tor2-S1837E fkh1Δ genetic background, after addition of rapamycin or control DMSO. Cells correspond to those shown in Fig. S5A. Rapamycin or DMSO were added just after the sixth time point. Time interval during acquisition, 5 min; total elapsed time, 150 min; time compression at 15 frames per second playback, 4500X