Movie 8

Deletion of gef1 restores polarized growth to scd1low pom1Δ cells. mCherry-Bgs4 distribution and cell morphology of pom1Δ and pomΔ gef1Δ mutants in scd1low cdc2-asM17 mCherry-bgs4 genetic background. Bgs4 on the plasma membrane indicates sites of growth. Cells correspond to those shown in Fig. S6B. scd1 expression was repressed by thiamine addition 24 hr prior to start of imaging. Cdc2 kinase activity was inhibited by 3-BrB-PP1 addition 30 min before imaging. Time interval during acquisition, 10 min; total elapsed time, 350 min; time compression at 15 frames per second playback, 9000X.