Movie S4

Flotillin 2 and MT1-MMP are colocalized in intracellular vesicles
MT1-MMP-mCherry and flotillin 2-GFP-expressing C2C12F1F2 cells were imaged using confocal microscopy; 1 frame/3 seconds. Scale bar: 2 μm.

MT1-MMP targeting to endolysosomes is mediated by upregulation of flotillins

Damien Planchon, Eduardo Rios Morris, Mallory Genest, Franck Comunale, Sophie Vacher, Ivan Bièche, Evgeny V. Denisov, Lubov A. Tashireva, Vladimir M. Perelmuter, Stefan Linder, Philippe Chavrier, Stéphane Bodin, and Cécile Gauthier-Rouvière

J Cell Sci 2018. 131:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.218925