Movie S2

(Related to Fig. 3). GFP-PLK4 (green) binds to MTs (red) in Xenopus interphase extracts. We visualise PLK4 at the centre of the aster, and soluble PLK4 was observed sticking to MTs.

PLK4 is a microtubule-associated protein that self-assembles promoting de novo MTOC formation

Susana Montenegro Gouveia, Sihem Zitouni, Dong Kong, Paulo Duarte, Beatriz Ferreira Gomes, Ana Laura Sousa, Erin M. Tranfield, Anthony Hyman, Jadranka Loncarek, and Monica Bettencourt-Dias

J Cell Sci 2019. 132:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.219501