Movie 7

PTEN-Halo-TMR & PHDAKT/PKB-GFP /Ax2, PTEN-Halo-TMR & GFP-Nodulin /Ax2, RFP-Nodulin & RBDRaf1-GFP /Ax2, PI3K2-Halo-TMR & GFP-Nodulin /Ax2, PTEN-Halo-TMR & RBDRaf1-GFP /Ax2, PI3K2-Halo-TMR & PTEN-GFP /Ax2 (TIRF). Time-lapse TIRF images show RFP or Halo-TMR conjugated proteins (left), GFP conjugated proteins (center) and merged (right), corresponding to S5 and Fig. S4.

Excitable dynamics of Ras triggers spontaneous symmetry breaking of PIP3 signaling in motile cells

Seiya Fukushima, Satomi Matsuoka, and Masahiro Ueda

J Cell Sci 2019. 132:None-None; doi: 10.1242/jcs.224121